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Events at The George

The George Hotel in Lichfield is a family owned and run hotel set right in the heart of the historic city of Lichfield, also the perfect venue to enjoy a few hours of entertainment.

We have been hosting discos and events since the 1960s and love welcoming guests to our family-owned hotel. We host a wide range of special events throughout the year including Afternoon Teas with a choir, Murder Mystery Evenings, Party Nights, Themed Dinners and Tribute Evenings. 

Click on the events below for more information, menus and to book your tickets online. We offer great packages for staying at the hotel after your event too.

Is there nothing more enjoyable than watching a good murder mystery movie or reading a nail-biting book?  Well if you live in or will be visiting Lichfield there is make sure you book on one of our Murder Mystery evenings which are very popular and run throughout the year. 

What is a murder mystery evening?

A murder mystery evening is an event where you can enjoy a fabulous dinner while watching and participating in an amazing show. It's like being in an actual movie, because you, as part of the audience, will interact with the actors who set the scene of a "murder." Actors also portray detectives who will attempt to solve the murder, with the assistance of you and other audience members. 

These events often follow the same "whodunit" theme of many popular movies and TV shows. Think Columbo, Agatha Christie, among similar classic shows. During the show, you and the others in attendance will be asked questions to determine who committed the murder, what their motive was, and other pertinent questions. A murder mystery night is like none other, and you will undoubtedly have the night of your life. Murder mystery evenings are unique, thrilling and interactive, which will likely be an event you'll never forget. You can attend one night, or make it the best murder mystery weekend the UK has to offer.

Why should you choose George Lichfield for your murder mystery? 

There are other murder mysteries to choose from, but you should choose The George Hotel in Lichfield for your murder experience for several reasons. First of all, you will have a very memorable and exciting evening. Not only do our actors present a very realistic performance, but they are extremely talented and our food is delicious. It's also very affordable, compared to many similar events elsewhere, so you can't go wrong by choosing us for your next murder mystery. You will want to come back again and again.

At The George, we also offer very comfortable accommodation inside our hotel, and you and your party can opt to book a room and stay however many nights you desire. For many that attend the murder mystery events at The George Lichfield, booking a room is ideal, as it can extend your experience and enable you to enjoy the various other activities and events available at our grand hotel. Many of our guests love taking murder mystery hotel breaks, and we make sure that they would like to return in the future.

On some occasions, groups are unable to correctly identify the killer. That is quite all right if this were to occur, as it doesn't minimise the thrill of the evening. In fact, failing to properly identify the killer can increase the excitement of the evening. Once the real "killer" is revealed, many of our audience members will experience both surprise and delight. 

So if you're ready to enjoy the best murder mystery in England, contact us at The George Lichfield, or give us a call on 01543 414822. We will happily provide you with any additional details about the murder mystery offers that we offer here so you can plan your night of intrigue and fun. You can make your reservations right on the website, so once you arrive, everything will be all set for your murder mystery.

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