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Christmas Murder Mystery Parties

Murder mystery parties are well known for their sense of fun and intrigue, but have you ever considered pairing it with a Christmas dinner? Both are good opportunities to bring friends and family alike together – they pair better than you at first think!

Do you have adventurous friends? Perhaps you want something a little more unique to do with your family? Whatever you’re after, a Christmas Murder Mystery party is a sure crowd pleaser.


What Is A Murder Mystery Evening?


Murder mysteries are interactive performances. Actors play the important roles and set the scene for the audience, who typically play the detectives. Rather than simply just watching, parties are invited to ask questions and use their intellectual prowess to catch the real culprit during the evening.

Many of these mysteries often take on classic ‘whodunnit’ patters from various detective novels, films and TV shows. Guests need to work out the motives of each suspect, as well as test their alibis, to piece together the real truth. However, the best mysteries often have their own twists and turns, with answers and secrets that are never entirely clear at the start.

All of this makes for a very exciting occasion and something that can truly spice up a great dinner!


What’s Great About A Christmas Murder Mystery Party?


Christmas is a time for brining people together, which is exactly what a murder mystery does as well. A Christmas murder mystery party doesn’t just offer food – it gives people a reason to work together and cooperate over a fun, engaging and highly memorable activity.

Dinner itself is a great way to set the mood. Guests can get to know each other, make some polite conversations and get ready for the Murder Mystery group to set the scene and explain the narrative. After dinner – and when all roles have been made clear – the real fun can begin!

This is great for people who aren’t familiar with each other, family who haven’t interacted in a long time or simply well established friends looking for a unique experience they will remember for a long time. Murder mysteries provide a thrilling competitive atmosphere that still relies on cooperation for a fun, group-focused activity.


Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner at The George


So, how about a Murder Mystery Christmas Party in Lichfield? The George is hosting such events over the next few months, pairing the highly regarded entertainment of Murder Mystery Productions with the sophisticated food and ambience of our own hotel and restaurant establishment.

While our evenings also include a select menu, we can also offer overnight and weekend stays, ideal for those who would like to pair their experience with a wider, relaxing time in Lichfield.

Come to The George and take on the role of Felix De La Rouse and solve the mysterious disappearances of a small village. We can’t say much more without spoiling the surprise, so book your own table and find out for yourself!